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The Open Mind, Open Book, Open Heart D&I Framework

Using People Data to Connect D&I Programs and Outcomes

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Organizations drive behaviors and accountability at a granular level with financial results, but are reluctant to do this with D&I data. Good intentions are not enough–it’s your data that enables you to drive accountability and real results in closing workforce representation gaps.

At Visier, we set out to combine the practices that shape individual talent decisions with the culture that fosters inclusion through the use of data. This is our framework that we share in the spirit of helping you see the truth in your data and create a better future for your people today.

What you’ll get...

  • Transform historical programs into conscious decisions that eliminate barriers–instead of operating on auto-pilot reflexes
  • Use people analytics to shape your company’s dialog, inspire change, and drive accountability
  • Create the foundation for connection and belonging with the practices that enable accountability and internal community thrive

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