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The Business Impact of Great Employee Experiences

Practical breakdown of the employee experience and how it can impact your business

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In order to do their best work, employees increasingly need to know there is a plan for them as individuals. As the movement of people through the organization ceases to purely be an HR concern and moves to the top of the corporate agenda, what infrastructure do you need to have in place to stop reacting and start designing? How do you start today?

Access the recording for a practical breakdown of the employee experience and how it can impact your business. Learn how to prove its value, get buy-in and grow your practice to include leading innovations in analytics.

This webcast is presented by Dr. Gary Russo, Director of Workforce Intelligence at Providence St. Joseph Health, and Wes Wu, VP of Advisory Services at Visier.

What you’ll get...

  • How to define and measure employee experience beyond engagement surveys
  • How to quantify the employee experience—linking workforce metrics to dollars and cents
  • Practices that link organizational network analysis, engagement data and predictive analytics to guide employee development

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