Building Value Together: Achieving Business Goals with People Analytics

Get insights into the business challenges people analytics helps solve and the stakeholders that collaborate with PA teams to generate outcomes.

People analytics teams are working with more stakeholders than ever, and can deliver business dividends for organizations that can move up the people metrics maturity curve.

A growing number of businesses today are collecting people metrics for workforce planning and talent management, yet only 31% of businesses say that they are good at making data-informed talent decisions to support business outcomes. This is an area of great opportunity for businesses to move up the people analytics maturity curve and drive business performance by getting the best out of their people.

Our latest research finds that whilst people metrics are most often used for business continuity and cost focus, organizations are also using it to make progress with innovation, business transformation, culture, and productivity. Learn how to maximize the potential of your people analytics investment plus the top tips to overcome obstacles and get your people analytics teams working more seamlessly across the business.

Download this research paper to learn:

  • Which business problems to focus on
  • How to work with stakeholders across the business
  • How to measure success and drive impact at scale