The Big Book of People Analytics: Skills

Get started with skill data and analytics to ensure your organization has the skills it needs to stay competitive

In a climate of accelerating transformation, the skills that organizations need are changing more quickly than ever. Keeping up with this rate of change doesn’t happen by accident. It takes strategy and planning for organizations to ensure they have the skills they need to stay competitive in an evolving business world. As in-demand skills keep changing, companies will have two choices—keep up or risk fading into obscurity.

So how can organizations get started?

By using skill data and analytics, organizations can understand what skills their people have now and which ones they’re going to need next. And although that is no simple task, the latest chapter in the Big Book of People Analytics breaks it down step-by-step into how you can get started with your organization’s skill data.

What you’ll learn:

  • What skill data is and why it’s so valuable
  • How companies can use skill data to plan their upskilling strategies
  • Why skill data and people analytics are a powerful combination when it comes to reskilling and upskilling your workforce