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Benchmarks API Infosheet

Leverage our real benchmarks for your customers to better understand workforce health and competitive salaries

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Offering data analytics to your customers illuminates invaluable insights around the state of their organization, but HR teams still struggle to understand what good looks like. How do they know if their business is tracking above or below industry standards? The answer is benchmarking.

Visier Benchmarks®️ APIs help your customers establish an internal or external standard to measure against for the purposes of continual improvement. While every customer is unique and no two companies will follow the exact same path to success, external benchmarking data allows HR practitioners to compare their own organization and accomplishments or deficiencies within a wider context. Important metrics take on further meaning with the ability to filter them across multiple data dimensions for greater context and granularity.

In this infosheet you'll:

  • Learn more about Visier Benchmarks APIs of real data points
  • Understand the benefits of partnering with Visier
  • See how benchmarks can help your customers understand workforce health

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