The Age of People Analytics Research Report

Survey on characteristics, value achieved, and leading practices of advanced organizations

Advanced organizations with a high level of people analytics process maturity financially outperform their peers. These advanced organizations have technology, data, people, and change management practices that contribute to their process maturity. Increasing these characteristics predicts higher financial performance. But how can an organization reach this level of maturity?

Authored by Lexy Martin, former lead author and director of the Sierra-Cedar Human Resources Systems Survey, this report draws on data from a comprehensive survey of 259 organizations, responded to by leaders with HR analytics responsibilities, across a range of industries to evaluate what determines market maturity and the value gained from people analytics, as well as establish leading practices.

What you’ll learn:

  • Better understand the characteristics of mature people analytics organizations
  • Discover the value these advanced organizations derive from HR analytics
  • Learn the leading practices used by advanced organizations