The Datafication of HR: Graduating from Metrics to Analytics

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Datafication is a new term used to describe the process of turning an existing business into a “data business.” In HR it refers to our increasing ability to use Talent Analytics to understand more and more about our people, HR practices and processes, and external demographics.

Global competition for talent, outsourcing labor, compliance legislation, remote workers, aging populations – these are just a few of the daunting challenges faced by HR organizations today. Yet the most commonly monitored workforce metrics do very little to deliver true insight into these topics. Leaders need to graduate from metrics to analytics, surfacing the important connections and patterns in their data to make better workforce decisions.


Learn the difference between metrics and analytics, as well as key analytics and their values in these core areas:

  • Recruiting Effectiveness
  • Performance
  • Talent Retention
  • Employee Movement
  • Total Rewards

The challenges in today’s business environment require new approaches to remain competitive in an ever-shrinking world of global competition. By graduating from metrics to analytics, HR professionals and leaders can better understand the contributing factors that are impacting their organization, and take the right actions to implement programs that will provide a true competitive advantage.

Learn how you can graduate from metrics to analytics with this informative paper.

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