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Plan Better, Faster

Visier Workforce Planning is a cloud solution that lets you eliminate the administrative pain and complexity of workforce planning. Spreadsheets are the most commonly used tool for workforce planning yet they’re time consuming to make and prone to error. With Visier Workforce Planning, you can instantly access your current workforce data and start planning based on an up-to-date snapshot of your headcount, organization structure, and costs.

Workforce Planning – Connect Finance & HR

Mapping workforce cost to budgets is difficult and often imprecise. Accurately understanding how workforce plans translate to dollars is critical to your bottom line. Visier brings together the worlds of HR and Finance allowing you to toggle between headcount and costs in real time. Edit and apply budgets to your workforce plans and see the financial impact of a plan instantly.

Enable effective, enterprise-wide collaboration

The administrative overhead of planning often limits the number of people you can involve and restricts planning to an infrequent event. Visier Workforce Planning automates and streamlines collaboration so you can segment your plan and delegate activities to leaders across your organization. Visier facilitates iterative planning allowing leaders to comment and provide feedback. Plan owners can view and approve plans and add them to an organization’s master plan.