Workforce Analytics Videos

Power your business with self-service analytics

Implemented in four to eight weeks, Visier unifies all your workforce data, from unlimited sources, providing answers to hundreds of workforce questions. From simple metrics, like head count, to complex predictive analytics, like which high value employees are likely to leave, Visier provides actionable insights on demand.

Share and collaborate: Dashboards

Visier Workforce Analytics transforms dashboard creation into a quick, standardized, and secure process. Quickly create and share online dashboards securely across your organization. There are hundreds of pre-built metrics that can be easily added to a dashboard. Dashboards are interactive and automatically personalized. Visier ensures you data is always up to date, showing your latest workforce data.

Share and Collaborate: Reports

Traditionally, reports are hard to make, time-consuming, and often insecure. With Visier, you can replace your old spreadsheet reporting with secure online slideshows that provide and accurate, up-to-date view into your workforce data.