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These are about your needs, now. Your challenges can’t wait. The resignation wave is here. The need for diversity, equity, and inclusion, is absolutely paramount.
Adam Binnie, Chief Product Officer
New Solutions

Guided Diversity Planning

A purpose-built, dynamic planning solution that helps you set, track, measure, and achieve your diversity goals.
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Retention Focus

A targeted employee retention packaged solution that identifies turnovers risks and shows you the initiatives needed to retain your best talent.
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New Platform Features

Standardized Occupations

An automated service that matches your organization’s job names with standardized names and hierarchies, providing richer insights and builds a foundation for future analytic capabilities.

Top 5 Skills

Enrich your employee and requisition records with the top five expected skills listed for all matched standardized job names.

Emsi Labor Market Information

An expansion that provides a broad library of information, giving you more in-depth data about the local labor market.

* Requires a contract with Emsi

Sourcing Paths

Improve your recruitment efficiency and internal development by seeing where you have previously internally sourced for any target roles.

Learning Effectiveness Analysis

Quantify the impact of your learning programs by understanding the impact of learning on people outcomes including promotions, retention and employee engagement.

Internal Comparisons

Increase information transparency to help inform decision making by comparing team performance with aggregated information of another team without violating security protocols.

Featured Insights

Explore our most provocative thinking and extensive research that spark new ideas.

Racial/Ethnic Career Gap

Racial/Ethnic Career Gap

A landmark report highlighting the significant management and pay gaps that exist between employees of color and their white counterparts. We explore questions like—what progress has been made (or not), and how can employers narrow these alarming gaps further and faster.
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Gender Pay Equity Progress Hangs in the Balance

Gender Pay Equity Progress Hangs in the Balance

Women’s wages in comparison to men’s still falls short. This report highlights the steps employers can take to proactively move the needle on gender pay equity in the future, while also exploring some current, positive outcomes among certain demographics.
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Cracks in the Glass Ceiling

Cracks in the Glass Ceiling

The glass ceiling is becoming more fragile, and less of a barrier to women’s success—but there’s still work to do. This report explores the gender inequity in leadership roles, and offers three ways to take action and permanently break the glass.
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Outsmart 2021 Session Recordings

Make better decisions through the wisdom of this year’s visionary Outsmart speakers

From inspiration to implementation, Outsmart brought together HR practitioners, HR tech thought leaders, and business visionaries to guide you to better answers and decisions with people analytics.

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Leapgen x Visier Digital Transformation Series

People Data as a Business Accelerant: Democratizing Insights for Superior Performance, Featuring Visier Customer Merck

In this last session of our six-part series, Jason will guide you through putting the pieces together and scaling people data insights across your business to many—or even all—people leaders.

In this final webinar, Jason will be joined by Merck’s Jill Sparacio, Associate Director of Workforce Analytics, and Darcy Varga, Associate Director of HR Reporting & Insights. Jill and Darcy will discuss why data insights are most powerful in the hands of all people managers—not just within HR—and how they plan to fully democratize their workforce data.

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Revenue’s Missing Link: Making the Case for People Analytics

Exciting research proves definitively that when companies have strong people analytics capabilities, they financially outperform other organizations—by at least a 7% increase in return on assets and 8% increase in profit margin. But how exactly does this causal link help you achieve this kind of return on investment? And more importantly, how do business leaders use it to outsmart the competition?

Watch this expert roundtable featuring Lexy Martin, one of the authors of the study and former head of the SierraCedar/Sapient Insights HR Systems Survey, to dive into the key findings that lead to and predict financial outperformance. The discussion includes actionable takeaways on how to envision people analytics use throughout your business–from the C-suite to individual people managers–and best practices learned from over 11,000 Visier customers on building a business case for people analytics and advancing your organziations’ capabilities with people data.

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Enabling People Analytics at the Speed of Business: A Fireside Chat with Uber Head of People Analytics RJ Milnor

Learn how Uber’s Head of People Analytics, RJ Milnor, transformed their people analytics capabilities—and can now serve up new insights as rapidly as business challenges arise. During the chat, you’ll learn:

  • How Uber went beyond tracking the ebbs and flows of attrition, to understanding which patterns truly impact business outcomes.
  • Why Uber, a company with industry-leading developers, decided NOT to build an in-house people analytics solution.
  • The insights that surfaced once Visier allowed Uber to spend time understanding their business instead of data wrangling and number crunching.

People are complex—but making intelligent, informed people decisions doesn’t have to be.

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Ask, Align, and Act: How to transform the employee experience today

There’s a good reason why employee experience has become more than a buzzword: When approached correctly, it can have a big impact on corporate performance. Achieving results, however, is not all about yoga or foosball tables because the employee experience is deeply rooted in the work itself.

How can HR leaders and people managers help the business focus on the right employee experience levers, in the moments that matter?

Watch this video to learn how HR teams are successfully honing in on the connections between employee experience and business outcomes, and are delivering results for their people and the organisations through a proactive bias free data driven framework.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Ask the right questions of your people data to identify where you should focus
  • Align your findings with the observations of practitioners to decide where you should dig in
  • Act, with a plan designed to respond to the defined problem, and monitor. the results.

This session was presented at HR of Tomorrow Europe Conference, March 2021.

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Company Announcements

Visier Charts Course Toward a People-Powered Future

Produced alongside Deloitte; Research, Editorial, and Webinars Provides a Vision for the Future of Management Where Leaders are Armed with…

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Visier Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with UKG to Advance Human Capital Management Capabilities

VANCOUVER, BC – December 7, 2021 — Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and planning, announced today a…

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Visier Announces Standardized Occupations and Certified Developer Program

New innovations offer more comparable people insights in the areas of compensation, promotion and career equity, a jumpstart on skills,…

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Visier Named One of Canada’s Enterprise Fast 15 winners in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™ program

Visier recognized as a high growth organization by Deloitte for the fourth year VANCOUVER, BC – November 17, 2021 —…

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Britain’s Burnout Crisis Companies risk mass exodus as more than half of young professionals feel ‘burnt out’ right now

  Young professionals are most likely age group to experience feelings of burnout (aged 16-34) During the past 18 months,…

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Visier Announces Q3 Momentum as People Analytics Demand Surges

Category Leader Rides the Resignation Wave as People Analytics Becomes Critical for the Transformation of Work VANCOUVER, BC – November…

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