Visier Talent Acquisition

Get insights from beyond your recruiting systems

Part of the Visier Workforce Intelligence solution, Visier Talent Acquisition makes it easy to answer your most critical talent acquisition questions with confidence. Visier goes beyond your Applicant Tracking Systems—which stop tracking applicants at the point of hire—and connects data from the full employee lifecycle. That means you get the long-term workforce insights you need to improve your team’s business impact.


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Visier Talent Acquisition: Solution Overview
5 Benefits of a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy

Discover what levers to pull for quality

Connect your ATS data with talent management, core HR, and workforce data from the entire employee lifecycle—you’ll see what recruiting sources, programs, and decisions drive the best results for the long term. Link lead source to every employee and identify which sources provide the most top performers. Track new hires through their onboarding phase and beyond to see what hiring activities improve quality of hire. Optimize your recruiting process to target and hire candidates with the attributes proven to have the best business impact.

Boost hiring speed

See and fix the bottlenecks in the hiring process so you can hire against critical open positions more quickly. Get credible, data-driven estimates of hiring times that you can give to stakeholders—including time in each stage of the funnel—and track hiring activities against those targets.

Meet the demands of the business

Monitor recruiting performance against business demand—so you can take action if planned hires aren’t being delivered fast enough. Get a full picture of hiring costs so you can choose the right mix of internal, agency, and RPO recruiting to keep costs in check.

Get a clear view of the full process

See a complete, up-to-date view of your entire recruiting pipeline. Know how many applicants are at each stage, and how long each stage has taken. View hiring success and speed by role and application source—so that you can target the best sources for key roles. See which applicants are stagnating so you can quickly identify if they’re a good fit for other roles.

Embed diversity into the recruiting process

Track diversity ratios at every stage in the hiring funnel to ensure equity across the hiring process. See how the diversity of the applicant pool compares to your current employee population, and discover whether matching diversity of candidates with interviewers increases hiring rates. Measure hiring success rates by diversity group and review long-term performance and promotions to ensure quality of hire.

Provide visibility to stakeholders

Give self-service access to the managers who most frequently need to see the status of requisitions—presented in a simple, clear way that’s easy to understand. Set and manage their expectations on hiring success and speed by using historical evidence, not guesswork.

See why candidates exit the hiring process

Identify which factors in the hiring experience are most likely to cause candidates to withdraw their applications. Measure the impact of factors such as time since initial contact, time between stages, interviewer, and interviewer method—so that you can address them and develop strategies to decrease the risk of losing strong candidates.