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Trust and Security


We understand that reliable access to our services is important. Using a holistic and integrated approach, Visier has developed and implemented business continuity and disaster recovery measures to ensure you can continue to access Visier solutions and services during a major disruption or disaster.


What is your approach to disaster recovery and business continuity?

Our integrated approach for ensuring the resiliency/recovery of our services and operations is guided by the Visier Business Continuity Policy. Several teams across Visier work together to maintain business continuity plans and processes to ensure the organization is capable of operating critical functions during a major disruption or disaster (e.g. natural calamities, pandemic outbreak). The Executive Management team has defined a comprehensive business continuity strategy covering:

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Business Continuity

Visier’s Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) addresses the recovery/resilience of information assets (e.g. customer data, networks, servers, and other resources within the data centers) to ensure customers are able to access the Visier Solution in the event of a disaster. The DRP is regularly tested to ensure that services can be recovered within the stipulated timelines. The DRP is reviewed at least annually by Visier management and our external auditor (as part of the annual SOC 2 Type II audits) and updated based upon lessons learnt.

Visier’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) addresses risks across several areas (including human, business, and technology) to ensure we are able to continue business operations in the event of a disaster. To ensure the plan addresses different teams and requirements, our business continuity planning process involves the whole organization. Amongst other areas, the plan covers the following:

  • Secondary and alternative measures are considered and implemented when primary resources or functions are impacted as a result of a disaster.

  • Pandemic Planning, and the maintenance of holistic health and safety plan to ensure the well-being of Visier employees, customers, and stakeholders. 

  • Ensuring employees are well-equipped with secure technologies to work remotely for prolonged periods during times Visier’s offices are unavailable for any reason.

  • Performing regular testing and other validation procedures to ensure we are still able to meet security and availability commitments to customers.

  • Identifying and training resources (e.g. table-top exercises, other simulated activities) to ensure critical resources can be recovered within the stipulated timelines.

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