Connect workforce decisions to business results.

To be strategic, you need to connect the workforce to business results that are top of mind for senior leaders. How is retention impacting profits? How is engagement affecting customer satisfaction and revenue? Visier People™ connects the dots from workforce to business outcomes for you, in a way (and at a low cost) otherwise not possible.


HR's Critical Role: Connecting Talent to Business Outcomes
Building your Business Case for People Analytics
Visier People Product
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Connect with top leadership priorities.

Determine which workforce programs will have the most impact by connecting workforce metrics to business results. See whether promotion rates are linked to higher revenue, if business units that have lower turnover perform better, whether a more diverse workforce results in higher customer satisfaction, and more.

Speak in the language of the business.

HR that starts with the business, gets less resistance from the business. Present workforce outcomes side by side with key business results to provide a complete picture, create interest, and secure buy-in.

Gauge outcomes key to your company.

Quickly understand what workforce levers to pull to drive the business results most relevant to your company: In retail, do stores where employees have longer tenure have higher sales? In financial services, do groups with greater employee retention achieve higher customer satisfaction? In healthcare, what workforce drivers correlate to lower patient readmissions?