Boost the business impact of learning and development.

Learning is a critical competitive advantage, yet L&D leaders are challenged to know which learning investments are paying off—and which are falling flat. Visier People™ connects data from your LMS with other HR and business system data, so you can understand the real impact of learning on both employee and business outcomes.


Visier People:
Learning Product Overview
3 Data-Driven Ways to
Better Manage Compliance Training
Chief Learning Officer: How People Analytics Drives L&D

Answer key questions about learning impact.

Ensure your learning and development programs are meeting the needs of the business. Visier People provides answers to critical questions your LMS can’t answer, like: how is L&D impacting employee retention, performance, or engagement? Who would benefit most from a learning investment? What learning programs are not driving better business results?

Stay on top of compliance levels and risks.

When certain roles require up-to-date certifications to be performed, manual calculations shouldn’t slow you down. Use Visier People to quickly check if compliance levels are meeting operational demands, so you can optimize training capacity on the fly, minimize risk, and reduce the impact to workforce productivity.

Increase leadership development and succession readiness.

Know with confidence that you have the right employees in your succession pipeline. Visier People connects employee performance with learning data, enabling you to track whether employees who’ve gone through leadership development training are promoted more, perform better, or stay longer at your organization.