Exclusive benchmarks for your organization.

Embedded directly within Visier People™, sourced from Visier’s aggregated customer data, Visier Benchmarks complement government-published measures such as those from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and US Bureau of Labor Statistics—also included with Visier— adding even more relevant context and timeliness.


Visier Benchmarks
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Designed for the speed of business decisions.

Visier Benchmarks are available on demand and include workforce metrics the business cares most about, such as resignation and promotion rates, with a level of detail that allows actionable insights where it matters. See benchmarks by performance groups, tenure ranges, manager status, age, diversity, region, and industry.

Data from your peers.

Visier Benchmarks data comes from large organizations—ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of employees across a span of industries—making them more relevant comparison points than government data, which can come from organizations with as few as 50 employees.

Accurate, up-to-date, unbiased information.

Visier Benchmarks includes data for all employees—instead of a self-selected sample of respondents that can lead to biased results. Because workforce information is collected and standardized directly from systems of record—using strict confidentiality standards to ensure no sensitive information is revealed—Visier Benchmarks are far more reliable than surveys that rely on subjective self-reports.