Achieve a deep understanding of recruiting effectiveness.

Talent Acquisition is the HR function with the greatest ability to positively impact revenue creation and profitability. But how well is your recruiting process working? If your applicant tracking system (ATS) stops tracking at the point of hire, how can you know what works best long term? Visier People™ connects all your workforce data, across the employee lifecycle, to give you deep insight into your hiring process, programs, and results.


Visier People: Talent Acquisition Product Overview
How Visier Works: Predicting Time-to-Fill For a Job
The Demand for Data-Driven Talent Acquisition Report

Discover what levers to pull for quality.

With Visier People, understand quality of hire based on the long-term success of employees. Visier connects your ATS data with talent management, core HR, and other workforce data to see what recruiting sources, programs, and decisions lead to the best employees in the long term.

Predict hiring speed.

Get credible, data-driven predictions of hiring times for roles and share them with stakeholders. See a complete, up-to-date view of each of your recruiting pipelines—and provide self-service access to the managers who need to see the status of requisitions.

Embed diversity into the recruiting process.

Ensure equity across the hiring process by tracking diversity ratios at every stage in the hiring funnel. See how the diversity of the applicant pool compares to your current employee population, and discover whether matching diversity of candidates with interviewers increases hiring rates.