Boost sales with workforce insights

Retailers with the right employees see the highest average purchase value, the best customer satisfaction, and the most repeat store visits. But how can you recruit, develop, and engage the right staff in a sustainable way? And how can you get insight into which workforce factors most impact the bottom line?

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Stock your store with the right team of employees
Craft programs to build or maintain a diverse customer-facing workforce that lead to higher spend and customer satisfaction. Learn how to develop staff over the long term for critical roles by visualizing career path data. Retain more key in-store and management staff, and avoid drops in revenue by discovering what attributes make employees more likely to leave.
Maintain a complete inventory of workforce costs
Create a complete, accurate picture of headcount and the cost of your retail workforce, regardless of the source of labor, so you can track and reduce costs most effectively. Get insight into what workforce factors drive absence, overtime, and turnover so you can build programs to decrease their impact on revenue and profit.
Connect your workforce to store KPls
Use Visier to connect employee data to business data so you can see how workforce programs impact results store by store. For instance, discover whether improvements in employee engagement increase profit, increases in hourly pay lead to higher sales per square foot, or more training hours boost in-store conversion rates.
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