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During our April 15th open forum, we took a big picture look at small businesses. What are the biggest challenges that small to midsize businesses face as we navigate a global pandemic? How are we communicating with our teams? How are we learning to thrive in a new work-from-home lifestyle? Join HR leaders from your SMB community as we work together to manage unprecedented changes in the workplace.

Moderated by Paul Rubenstein – Chief People Officer at Visier

The best resources for HR leaders at SMBs

  • Thera Martens – Marketing Director, Mid-Market at Visier

Panel discussion: How companies are responding

  • Matthew Petersen – Managing Director, Technology Experience at Insperity
  • Bev Attfield – Principal of Workplace Science at Jostle
  • Zack Johnson – General Manager of OEM and Mid-Markets at Visier
  • Brianna Blaney – Founder, Managing Partner at Envol Strategies
  • Melissa Isaza – Director, People & Culture at Unbounce

Navigating government funding programs and restructuring

  • Logan Gibson – Senior Customer Success Manager at Visier

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