Plan better, faster.

Spreadsheets. They are the most commonly used tool for workforce planning. Yet they are time consuming to create, and prone to error. And creating an accurate snapshot of your workforce can take countless hours, as you try to assemble data from multiple sources. With Visier Workforce Planning you can instantly access your current workforce data, and start planning based on an up-to-date snapshot of your headcount, org structure, and costs.

With Visier, eliminate guesswork. You can use historical data to project future trends for turnover. Visier automatically calculates future rates based on historical trends using the forecasting model of your choice. You can edit the values directly on the chart, refining the model to meet your needs. Visier will apply your turnover model, generating an accurate and credible hiring plan for you.

Create a future state picture of your organization simply by editing a cell and letting Visier automatically adjust the associated projections, and see the impact on your hiring plan with the click of a button.

With Visier, transform your workforce into a strategic advantage!

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