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Improve employee well-being and develop leadership is a real-time employee experience platform. Collaboration analytics. Well-being. Engagement. Leadership. is a new generation employee experience platform which combines Active Feedback - weekly 60-sec micro-surveys with Passive Feedback - collaboration analytics across corporate collaboration tools: Office 365, Teams, Slack, Jira, etc. (anonymously with employee consent) delivering Real-time, Objective, Employee-focused, Actionable feedback to each Employee, Manager, HR professional and Executive in a form of dashboards, recommendations and reports. helps companies improve employee well-being, understand employee experience (EX) in real-time, develop leadership, improve financial performance. If the client conducts weekly pulse surveys with a 3rd party solution, then can conduct the Passive Feedback (collaboration analytics) only.

How it works:

  • Employee well-being. Collaboration analytics (passive feedback) allows you to receive well-being/engagement/employee stress pictures without asking any questions (no surveys) at all. Yva neural network is pre-trained to detect employee stress levels automatically by observing changes in digital collaboration patterns.
  • Informal leadership. With collaboration analytics, Yva knows who works with who within the organization. It allows Yva to ask weekly 60-sec laser-focused questions to the employees and receive a complete social capital and informal leadership picture with minimum efforts from the HR, managers and co-workers. Yva facilitates peer-to-peer real-time feedback which improves employee leadership skills, reveals HiPos, improves financial performance.

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