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Red Castle Human Capital is a workforce analytics consultancy offering project-based support, functional outsourcing, team development, and placement services.

With a senior consulting team composed of industry leaders and university-affiliated professors, Red Castle offers specialized expertise in people analytics audits, strategy formulation, team integration and development, and project-based support.

The firm also offers a unique university-affiliated Fellowship program where undergraduate and graduate students from operations, statistics, analytics, and engineering are exposed directly to client project consulting work.

Finally, Red Castle offers placement support and mentoring to help clients build effective people analytics teams.

Solution Spotlight


Red Castle possesses the capability to assess the diversity climate within an organization and also shed light on "hot spots," or problem areas.

Armed with this intelligence, they can provide evidence-based insights on enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion through staffing, performance evaluation, and retention processes.

Employee Experience

The Red Castle team are leading experts in assessing and modelling employee experience, and possess tools to analyze, report, and improve the employee experience.

Importantly, they also possess the capabilities to construct data lakes that link employee and customer experience, shedding light on the downstream effects of workforce initiatives and investments.

Employee Reskilling

Red Castle possesses the capabilities to baseline employee capabilities and interests and align re-skilling efforts based on the idiosyncratic motives, career aspirations, and abilities of individual employees.

This includes, but is not limited to, individual assessments of cognitive ability, historical performance, career trajectories, motivational (i.e., extrinsic, intrinsic, prosocial, familial) values, personality, and vocational interests.

Armed with this intelligence, they can formulate re-skilling programs that are customized to employees, increasing the value of these programs and employee buy-in.

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