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Accelerate the adoption of evidence-based decision-making

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3N Strategy accelerates the adoption of evidence-based HR decision-making.

3N Strategy’s mission is to improve the way organizations make decisions about their people by scaling the use of HR evidence. By partnering with 3N, your HR function will better impact the business and your employees will better experience their careers.

They specialize in scaling and sustaining evidence-based HR decision-making, enabling your HR leaders to adopt both a culture of data-driven HR as well as maximizing their use of Visier.

They support our customers to build and validate their business cases for people analytics, to design people analytics strategies based on their HR decision-making architecture and their adoption approaches with end-users, to roll out Visier, and to carry out strategic workforce planning.

Solution Spotlight


Do you have a diversity problem? Are all employees treated fairly and given the same opportunity? Is everyone included equally? Has unconscious bias created pockets of imbalance in your organization, and what can be done to rectify them?

We work with organizations to supplement their diversity decision-making with evidence, enabling a fast and fact-based approach maximizing the Visier platform.

Employee Experience

Are you able to articulate and measure the way that your employees experience working for your business?

From the time their application to join your organization, through their career paths, changes in pay, learning opportunities, the culture they are part of, the way they are managed to the time they leave it is critical to design an experience that empowers and engages your employees.

We work with organizations to design employee experiences that put employees at the heart of your HR design, which can be measured and tracked using Visier.

Employee Reskilling

As time has evolved, has your workforce developed the skills for the present and the future? Is the entire workforce fit for purposes? As your organization embraces digital opportunities to augment and automate the way it works, are there opportunities to train your existing employees to enrich this approach rather than simply be replaced?

By working with you, using the evidence contained within the Visier platform, we will identify your organization’s current skills and experience, and design plans to evolve the skill sets to meet evolving business needs over time.

Future of Workforce Design

What shape and size of the workforce does your organization need to deliver its business goals in the future? How does your current workforce compare, and what will it look like over time? Is it naturally evolving the talent required, or will HR actions need to be taken to transform the workforce?

Working with you and the evidence within Visier, we will identify and plan what your future workforce will look like and the HR strategies most likely to deliver it.

Key Talent Retention

Do you have a retention problem? Are you losing critical talent? What is causing these employees to leave? What decisions can you take to reduce turnover and increase retention?

We will help you look across your entire employee lifecycle and identify what is causing employees to leave – and what actions you can take to encourage them to stay, using the evidence available in your Visier platform.

Learning Effectiveness

How effective is your learning program? Are learning strategies having the desired impact – are employees learning, are they staying? Are learning programs being accessed fairly and equally by all employees? What can your learning teams improve?

We will help you understand the impact of your learning activities and help you and your learning teams to take decisions to continually improve your impact on the business and workforce using the evidence available in Visier.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Has your organization recently acquired another organization, or been acquired itself? Are you exploring the possibility of buying a business, and would like a more detailed analysis of its talent and culture, and the risks and opportunities of adding it to yours? Are you trying to sell part of your business, and would like to better articulate the talent associated with the divested business?

We will work with you to measure (using Visier) and explain the opportunities and risks associated with all perspectives of mergers and acquisitions.

Network Analysis

Are you able to identify and articulate the networks that exist within your workforce? Do you know who is connected who, and how these connections drive (or do not drive) performance and culture? Are some roles more critical to workflow than others? Is it possible to improve productivity or reduce time-to-productivity by simply increasing internal connections? Do different networks have different cultures? Are all people included within your organization’s conversation equally, or some voices heard less frequently or later than others?

Working with you and using the network data analyzed within Visier, we will help you identify the channels of communication within your business and enable you to include this new strategic lever within your HR plans.

Talent Acquisition

What are the key recruitment decisions your HR leaders are making? How can you enable your talent acquisition teams to make better decisions?

We will help you identify all the key decisions your recruitment leaders and teams are making, and plan to enable them to adopt a data-driven approach to their future talent acquisition decisions using Visier.

Workforce Planning

Do you need to align your strategic HR plans with your business’s long-term goals? Do you need to plan how you will have the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time, for the right cost? Are you able to forecast your future critical workforce demand and supply populations? Are you able to plan how to close those gaps, bringing together recruitment, learning, compensation, retention and other HR strategies?

Work with us to deliver and embed a strategic workforce planning process that works for your organization and its culture, utilizing your Visier platform.

Workforce Productivity

Are you able to articulate (and prove) how productive your workforce is? Are some parts of the workforce more productive than others? Do you need to find ways of increasing or even maintaining how productively your employees are able to operate in a changing business environment?

Working with you and the evidence within Visier, we will enable your organization to identify productive and unproductive segments within your organization and help you develop actionable strategies to make the necessary improvements.

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