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Visier helps organizations to see answers now to make people count. Together, with our alliance partners, we believe in openly sharing knowledge for the greater good and not guarding or locking away data or insights.

The People Intelligence Alliance is committed to delivering innovation through openness and connectivity of data; enabling people leaders to connect to the wisdom of many.

Pledge to Join the People Intelligence Alliance

An open letter to HR technologists & visionaries

Ryan Wong, CEO, Visier

To my fellow HR technologists and visionaries,

As many of you may know, I took on the role of CEO with Visier approximately six months ago; one of my early goals was to spend my time in conversations with our community, whether it be a customer, partner, thought leader or competitor. A common theme appeared in those conversations: the desire to have a more collaborative, connected and frankly open environment for our people data.

The future of work must be connected and open. Every organization, big or small, is its own unique ecosystem of missions, cultures, and ways of work. There is no “one size fits all.” We face different challenges and overcome them differently. No single system provides the data that gets us through the storm. The future of work will be powered by an open and inclusive ecosystem of data, connecting across the blend of products, applications, and solutions that offer the collective wisdom of many.

To this end, Visier is championing, as a founding member, the People Intelligence Alliance, a movement of vendors, practitioners, customers, and partners who are committed to openness and connectivity of data—a future of work we all desperately need.

At Visier we believe in making people count. We believe that the more you know about your people the more you can attract, motivate, engage and inspire—the more you can help each person to be their best, to find their calling, to have impact and to make a difference. And we believe that knowledge is a superpower, and when knowledge is shared its value multiplies.

However, none of us can be successful alone, and so I am asking all of you to join us in creating this bold future. Several organizations have already taken the steps to helping us start this future, but it will take more of us to get there. Take the next step, and help guide our industry to a bright new future.


Ryan Wong
CEO, Visier

The People Intelligence Alliance Pledge

Together we pledge to support the openness and connectivity of information for the betterment of our customers to:



To ensure fair, ethical and transparent use of all people data.

Place people at the heart of our work, eradicate bias and make people count



To ensure fair, ethical and transparent use of all people data.

Connect information seamlessly between applications in support of better decisions



To ensure fair, ethical and transparent use of all people data.

Collaborate with alliance partners, customers, and experts to expand the “wisdom of many” and unlock innovation



To ensure fair, ethical and transparent use of all people data.

Ensure fair, ethical, and secure use of all information respecting privacy

This is exactly the sort of initiative that we should all get excited about. Right out of the gate we have an amazing group of technology and solution providers, subject experts, all willing to stand up together and pledge things are done the right way for everyone!

Russell Klosk
Strategy Principal Director, Accenture

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