Forrester Total Economic Impact Study: Yahoo’s Use of Visier Workforce Analytics

Cost Savings and Business Benefits

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According to an October 2015 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Visier, The Total Economic Impact™ of The Visier Workforce Analytics Solution, Yahoo has projected three years of cost savings and benefits totaling $2,575,135 by using Visier Workforce Analytics.

With the Visier solution, Yahoo — a company with a strong culture of data-driven decision making and a commitment to ensuring fairness across its workforce — sought to more effectively hire, develop, and engage key talent. Today Yahoo uses Visier to serve hundreds of leaders and people managers with up-to-date workforce insights.

According to the study, in addition to the cost savings, Yahoo identified the following unquantified benefits of using Visier:

  • Yahoo has been able to use Visier to quickly test assumptions and “bust myths” around employee dynamics.
  • Yahoo, which has fairness as a guiding principle on which all workforce decisions are made, has experienced more employee equity in administration of HR policies.
  • Yahoo is better able to meets its goal to pay for performance, a key factor in supporting a top talent workforce.

Download the full Forrester Total Economic Impact Study for the detailed cost-benefit analysis.

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