12th Annual Human Capital Analytics Conference

October 26-27, 2017 – New York, NY

Increasingly businesses are relying on data and analytics when making decisions. This shift is having a profound impact on HR – it represents nothing short of a transformation of the practice of HR, it’s relationship with the business and the impact and influence that HR leaders can have on the business.

And while the field has grown in recent years, analysts now predict a rapid increase in activity in this area with greater investment of people and resources, but also higher expectations of the results.

This year’s event therefore will focus on three key areas:

  1. How to organize and grow the HCA function
  2. Examples of analytical interventions that have had an impact on the business
  3. Future trends, challenges and opportunities including the rising use of social analytics, sentiment analysis and AI as well as bias and employee privacy concerns


Featured Speaker: Anna Lena Fritzsche, Organization Development and People Analytics Expert, Merck KGaA

No More Gut Feeling – Merck KGaA’s Journey of HR Transformation & People Analytics

People Analytics focuses on data that will improve decisions that can have a pivotal impact on business results. Concentrating on the right data and answering the right questions allows organizations to move away from ‘gut feeling’ to data-driven decisions around people and organizations. As a result, the new operative model between HR and the business is evolving: In the past, HR was focused on data collection. Today, HR is a strategic consultant to the business.

Merck KGaA, a global pharmaceutical and life sciences leader, has invested in implementing global structures, definitions and integrated HR processes, resulting in the availability of big data. Following industry standards, they are leveraging Visier, a people analytics solution that unifies workforce data of Merck KGaA’s 52.000+ employees worldwide, totaling more than 45 million single data points. Consolidating data and establishing best practices is enabling Merck KGaA to transform HR from an administrative function to a strategic powerhouse.




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