Fuel your business results with workforce intelligence

Energy companies with the best pipeline of skilled workers outperform the field. But how can you ensure your supply of talent consistently meets demand in a rapidly changing global marketplace?

How can you hire, develop, retain, and engage the right staff in an industry facing an unprecedented set of economic challenges?


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Exelon Corp

Extract workforce insights to optimize plans

Accurately forecast natural attrition rates and explore workforce scenarios to mitigate the impact of reductions in force triggered by lower energy prices. Get ahead of people costs during mergers and acquisitions before margins suffer, creating workforce plans based on a full view of the combined workforce.

Keep production flowing with plans for succession and development

Prepare for the retirement of key personnel by visualizing career path data for critical roles, discovering how to develop staff for those roles, and building effective recruiting and succession programs. Discover which attributes impact resignation rates and increase or decrease employee engagement.

Connect your workforce to critical business topics

Create a complete, accurate picture of headcount and the cost of your workforce, including contingent workers, so you can track and reduce costs most effectively. Get insight into what workforce metrics drive safety incidents so you can build programs to decrease their impact.