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Visier can retrieve data through this connector if the following requirements are met.

The Zoom connector loads the following data into Visier:

  • ID

  • Created At date

  • Topic

  • Host User ID

  • Host User Email

  • Host User Display

  • Participants ID

  • Participants Email

  • Participants Display Name

  • Participants Connected At

  • Start

  • End

For more information, see the Connector Definitions.


  • Set up Zoom account for data collection

Set up Zoom account

The connector can only collect data from authenticated users so the following security options must be turned on for the Zoom account you want to collect data from:

  1. Require that all meetings are secured with one security option

  2. Only authenticated meeting participants and webinar attendees can join meetings and webinars

How the connector loads data

With the initial data load, you can select a specific period to fetch historical data from the source. Once the connector is configured and data is loaded, the connector will start gathering data in real-time.