Visier People® Project Assignment

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Visier People® Project Assignment helps organizations answer all their important questions about employee deployment to projects, assignments, and team composition.

Our comprehensive offering empowers you to efficiently deploy employees to projects and assignments to maximize their productivity, measure utilization, and populate projects and assignments with a diverse mix of talent.

Leverage extensive best practice content and insights. Filter our out-of-the-box content to sub-populations or specific time periods, or use them as a starting point to create your own visualizations and insights unique to your needs.

Visier People® Essentials is required as a prerequisite to purchasing Project Assignment.

What value is delivered?

Visier People Project Assignment is designed to enable an organization to deploy employees to long-lived but time-bound projects to assess utilization and team composition. The unique problems solved by Visier People Project Assignment are listed below:

  • Optimize Project Utilization: Provides a comprehensive overview of the current and recent utilization of employees on project work. This enables organizations to understand the amount and size of projects and the effort required to complete them, so they can identify potential employee availability for additional projects and measure utilization over time.

    Why is it important? By exploring project utilization, organizations can ensure that their resources are optimized. It allows them to identify areas of underutilization or overutilization and make necessary adjustments. Optimizing assignments ensures that resources are properly allocated, minimizing waste and maximizing productivity.

  • Manage Project Talent Mix and Diversity: Provides insight into the diversity of employees assigned to projects. It helps organizations identify managers with diverse project teams, the types of projects that tend to have non-diverse teams, and compare team productivity*.

    Why is it important? Diverse project teams are better equipped to solve complex problems. They approach challenges from different angles and leverage the collective knowledge and skills of team members. This diversity in problem-solving enables the team to identify innovative solutions and overcome obstacles more effectively.

*Individual production is available under the Visier People Total Rewards & Hourly Workers application.

What do I get with Visier People® Project Assignment and what do I need to provide?

With Visier People Project Assignment, you can access:

  • 15+ metrics

  • 20+ questions 

  • 5+ stories & dashboards

  • And build unlimited content

To unlock the full potential of Visier People Project Assignment, we recommend providing the following data elements:

Project Assignment
You have the opportunity to provide the following data: project name, industry, customer name, employee role, and project type, as well as the assignment start and end dates, and FTE allocation.

What does this enable? This information will be used to count assignments, size the total effort of projects, and measure employee utilization. This data can be grouped by any employee or project dimension so that you can answer the following questions:

  • How many or how large are the project assignments that are still active right now?

  • How much effort is assigned to a project right now?

  • Are we fully utilizing the employees we have available? 

  • How much extra project work could be done by existing employees?

  • Which managers assemble diverse project teams?

  • What types of projects tend to have non-diverse teams?

  • Which projects/clients have the highest and lowest utilization?

  • Which employees are most at risk for burnout based on utilization?

For more information, please refer to the following documents:

  • Data Dictionary: Provides comprehensive information about the data elements.

  • Application Definitions: Provides an extensive list of metrics, dimensions, content, and guidebooks that will be lit up once we have loaded these data elements.