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Organizations require a mechanism to document and communicate their goals and intentions around diversity. Visier® Guided Diversity Planning enables continuous, collaborative, data-driven planning that can align the whole organization to achieve greater diversity.

Visier People includes a library of pre-built planning models that satisfy different planning needs from operational workforce planning to strategic planning. Guided Diversity Planning is one of these models and is specifically focused on helping you achieve and communicate your diversity goals.

Guided Diversity Planning is automatically populated with your current, vetted data, relevant to the plan model. Metrics and segments—defining each part of the organization—fit for purpose remove complexity from the planning process, ensuring stakeholders have as simple of an experience as possible. This means that you can more quickly define the goals for diversity for each part of the organization. Visier People’s planning capabilities allow participants from across the enterprise to collaborate and align on decisions that lead to an achievable and successfully diverse organization.

What value is delivered?

Guided Diversity Planning is designed to align stakeholders to the goal of increasing the representation of a focus group within a scope population. Focus groups could be specific minorities, participation of women, or more complex groupings. It allows goals for these focus groups to be set for specific subsets of the organization, known as segments. For example, you may have ambitious goals to shift the diversity of the participation of women in your IT function.

By projecting these goals and current behavior patterns, such as predicted attrition, organizations can both structure and monitor the progress of their plans in a more timely, accurate, and flexible way. This capacity leads to substantially improved achievement of business goals. Guided Diversity Planning has the following core value propositions:

  • Visier automatically maps and loads current participation, turnover, and hiring metrics into the future based on existing dimensions—ensuring that realistic plans can be created without a huge effort in manual data preparation.

  • Visier allows segments to be defined from any sub-population in the organization, such as organizational unit, job title or job function, manager vs. non-manager, or location. This ensures that planning is always aligned to where resources currently exist and makes it easy to align goals to actuals for tracking impact and performance to these goals.

  • Share and collaborate with multiple stakeholders across the organization to create a single diversity plan. Visier manages the security and how people contribute and align to the plan without having to worry about orchestrating spreadsheets and collaboration manually.

  • Quick and secure plan monitoring across all business stakeholders including ad-hoc analysis ensures that once the goals are set and communicated to the organization, there are no surprises later.

What do I get with Visier® Guided Diversity Planning and what do I need to provide?

Visier® Essentials is required for Visier Guided Diversity Planning and this can include benchmark diversity information.
With Visier Guided Diversity Planning, you can access:

  • Planning Models: Allow you to plan for the future, discover which factors have the greatest effect on the projection metric, and decide on the best course of action to achieve a goal. A planning model consists of several assumption metrics and several projection metrics. Change different assumptions to get a projection for future time periods. These assumptions and projections are laid out on a grid for future time periods allowing you to see and model changes as well as plan scenarios and collaborate with subplanners.

No additional data is required to begin planning in Visier Guided Diversity Planning.

What planning models are delivered?

Guided Diversity Planning
This planning model is for CHROs and Chief Diversity Officers who need to meet their diversity objectives. Guided Diversity Planning is the first and only purpose-built dynamic planning solution to help organizations achieve their diversity goals. It is designed to coordinate action planning to drive alignment across the organization and accelerate traction through building shared accountability. 

It is unlike vague, difficult to measure diversity goals that are set at the beginning of the year and get lost in reports, as well as manually updated spreadsheets that are difficult to share across the organization and provide little context into current state and predicted results.

Technical Limitations

There are technical limitations to what can be changed or customized. Limitations exist for the following items.

Plan Models
A plan model defines the input and output metrics including the mathematical calculations that drive a plan instance. Plan models other than the Headcount and Cost Planning model can be customized.

Customizations and custom plan models may be added to Visier People with the purchase of the relevant customization pack.

For more information, please refer to the following documents:

  • Data Dictionary: Provides comprehensive information about the data elements.

  • Application Definition: Provides an extensive list of metrics, dimensions, content, and guidebooks that will be enabled with this Application.