Visier People® Achievement

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Visier People® Achievement helps organizations answer all their important questions related to employee goals and the employee check-ins and feedback review process.

Our comprehensive offering empowers you to effectively analyze and monitor the likelihood of achieving your goals and ensure completion of feedback and performance review processes.

Leverage extensive best practice content and insights. Filter our out-of-the-box content to sub-populations or specific time periods, or use them as a starting point to create your own visualizations and insights unique to your needs.

Visier People® Essentials is required as a prerequisite to purchasing Achievement. 

What value is delivered?

Visier People Achievement is designed to solve problems related to employee goals as well as feedback and performance review completion. The unique problems solved by Visier People Achievement are listed below:

  • Assess the Likelihood of Achieving Goals: Provides insights into progress towards an organization's strategic goals and helps identify goal achievement drivers. This enables organizations to understand current progress and how it compares to last year and identify and monitor possible threats to achieving their goals (e.g., a sudden increase in resignations or a decrease in engagement scores in key business units) so they can address these issues quickly and increase the likelihood of achieving their goals.

    Why is it important? Assessing the likelihood of achieving goals provides valuable insights that inform decision-making processes. It helps management prioritize objectives, make informed choices, and allocate resources based on the organization's current capabilities. This data-driven approach to decision-making enhances the organization's ability to adapt and respond to changing circumstances effectively.

  • Analyze Performance Feedback Process: Provides an overview of the progress of the performance and peer/360 feedback cycles. This helps organizations ensure the timely completion of feedback and performance review processes, and identify parts of the organization that need reinforcement to ensure the feedback process does not stall.

    Why is it important? Organizations often have review cycles aligned with budgeting, goal-setting, and strategic planning processes. Timely completion of feedback and performance reviews ensures that these evaluations occur within the designated time frames, effectively aligning individual and team goals with broader organizational objectives.

What do I get with Visier People® Achievement and what do I need to provide?

With Visier People® Achievement, you can access:

  • 30+ metrics

  • 20+ questions

  • 5+ Stories & Dashboards

  • And build unlimited content

To unlock the full potential of Visier People® Achievement, we recommend providing us with the following information:

Goals and Achievement
In order to analyze goal progress, you have the opportunity to load the employee ID, goal ID, status, type, description, percentage of progress, and how many times the goal has been updated. You can load any type of goal (i.e., objectives & key results, business, or development goals) at the individual or manager level.

What does this enable? All this information will help count goals, calculate the percentage of employees who have or haven’t set goals yet, track goal progress, make comparisons to any people or business data, compare successors, and answer critical questions such as:

  • Which specific issues drive goal achievement, and how can those be tracked?

  • Do employees who have been identified as having a high risk of leaving achieve their goals?

  • Do you have any employees who received a low performer rating despite achieving their goals?

  • What is the likelihood of achieving OKRs this year?

Performance Check-ins and Feedback
In order to monitor the performance feedback process, we recommend you load the feedback receiver/provider ID, feedback rating, and performance cycle date.

What does this enable? With this data, you can oversee the progress of the performance and peer/360 cycles, track which employees have received feedback, which managers have completed providing feedback to their direct reports, and the nature of feedback between groups of employees. This capability is in addition to the traditional performance rating metrics provided in Visier People Essentials. You can utilize this information to answer critical questions such as:

  • Which group of employees have not yet participated in the feedback process?

  • Are managers in compliance with completing the performance feedback cycle?

  • Do we have any bias in the rating process?

Note: Please refer to the 

  • Data Dictionary: for comprehensive information about the data elements.

  • Application Definitions detail the extensive list of metrics, dimensions, content, and guidebooks that will be lit up once we have loaded these data elements.