5 Reasons to be Ecstatic About HR Tech

What is going to be the most talked about session at HR Tech this year?

William Tincup asked this question during a recent DriveThru HR radio interview with HR Technology Conference & Expo Co-Chair Steve Boese.

The question proved to be a difficult one for Boese, and we understand why. The show’s session themes are expansive, covering everything from recruitment marketing to compliance. (You can listen to the exchange here, at about 19 minutes in.)

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But after some consideration Boese was able to choose one key, overarching theme for the conference — something that the CHRO of LinkedIn (Pat Wadors) will be focusing on during a rare speaking appearance at the show: the transformation of HR to a more data-driven discipline.

Over the past year industry analysts like Josh Bersin have been pointing to evidence-based HR as a must-have skill, and HR big data has become a “topic of the year” amongst HR commentators and pundits. Just scroll the session overviews at HR Tech, and you will see many on this topic.

Here is our list of five must-attend HR Tech sessions that have piqued our curiosity. Many of them cover data-driven HR, while a couple look at future technology trends for HR in general:

1. Workforce 2020: Expert Panel Moderated by CNN Political Analyst
How will data and analytics shape the workplace in 2020? That’s a question this expert panel, moderated by CNN’s David Gergen, will explore on Thursday October 9th @ 8:30 a.m. With participation from leading HR thinkers like the University of Southern California’s John W. Boudreau, PhD (who has conducted extensive research on the bridge between superior human capital, talent and sustainable competitive advantage) as well as Ahu Yildirmaz, PhD, Head of ADP Research Institute (which leverages insights gained from ADP’s approximately 600,000 clients), this promises to be a very illuminating session.

2. Becoming Decoded: Unlocking the Potential of Your People as Never Before
In her keynote address, Rahaf Harfoush (@rahafharfoush), Digital Innovation & Foresight Strategist and co-author of New York Times best-seller The Decoded Company, will talk about how big data is the business on a very human level. She’ll talk about how companies are building data-driven cultures to drive increased retention, happier employees, and the ability to create a thriving, healthy culture.

3. Key trends in the HR Technology Market: Breakout Session with Sierra-Cedar
After running the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey for 16 years, Lexy Martin will be stepping away as the primary author. On Thursday, October 9th @ 4 p.m. Lexy and her successor, Stacey Harris, will share their research-based insights and answer questions such as: What technologies are organizations adopting? What impact are these technologies having? What can you learn from overall market and industry trends as you plan your own HR technology strategy? The Sierra-Cedar survey results are a staple for anyone tracking HR technology trends, which is why this session is on our must-see list.

4. Transforming the Future of Work: Closing Keynote by Analyst Ray Wang
Pegged as one of the busiest guys in the industry, analyst and blogger Ray Wang will wrap up the conference on October 10th @ 10:30 a.m. with an overview on how the on how the latest trends in HR technology will impact workers across this digital-proficiency spectrum, from digital natives, digital immigrants, digital voyeurs, digital holdouts and the digital disengaged. A nice way to close what is a very busy event!

5.Transforming HR From Intuition to Fact-Based Decision Making: Breakout Session with Visier and ConAgra Foods
This is a great session for HR practitioners who want analytics advice from a peer. And the presenter, Mark Berry, VP of People Insights at ConAgra Foods, is a true HR visionary. On Wednesday, October 8th @ 3:30 p.m. Mark will tell the story of ConAgra’s journey from intuition- to fact-based decision-making. Mark will detail how his team laid the foundations for workforce intelligence and how he quantified its value to his leadership team.

If you are interested in getting more news about the show, follow #HRTechConf hashtag on Twitter. Want to have a one-on-one conversation about data-driven HR and get some tips from analytics experts? Come see us at booth 1127 — We will have lots of customer stories and fun giveaways to share.


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