Senior Software Developer – Vancouver, Canada

We are looking for smart, passionate and talented developers to join us in building a product that is fundamentally changing the way enterprises see and manage their workforce. This is a big deal and no one has attempted to do what we’re doing. We’re going big: our founders are recognised and respected pioneers of the BI Software Industry with a solid track record of building and leading global software companies.

We’re building beautiful, UX-Centric, cloud based, big data, BI driven solutions with cutting edge technology such as Scala on Play! Framework, HTML5 and JavaScript. Much of our technology is being built from the ground up, and so we want people who are excited about innovating and creating new technology. Yes, the software you build will be touched by end users and your technology responsibilities will be dynamic: for one release you will be focusing on user interface, for the next one you will be working with our analytic engine, and finally you will be able to build the next ground-breaking feature from end to end.

In this role you’ll be surrounded by teams of extremely talented software developers in a collaborative environment where you’ll be continuously learning and stretching your capabilities. You’ll be working with smart, dedicated, passionate, driven, fun, creative professionals: egos are not welcome here and “micro-management” is a dirty word. Oh yeah, and we love playing Ping Pong.

This is an exciting time to join us! We are currently looking to hire passionate and innovative developers with the experience required to lead and drive the implementation of large-scale features and user stories.


Responsibilities & Skills


  • Gather requirements and design new software features
  • Use standard and advanced computer science algorithms and data structures to solve technical problems
  • Understand business requirements and author technical design for features in a product
  • Debug own code and existing code base, and develop and document how to test a feature in a test plan
  • Provide task breakdown, dependencies and time estimates in technical design document
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in other departments and fellow developers



  • Incredible coding skills in at least one relevant programming language (including but not limited to JavaScript, Java, Scala, Flex)
  • Excellent knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • In-depth experience with web technologies (REST, XML, JSON)
  • High-achievers who are not timid and have a demonstrated ability to solve difficult problems
  • Excellent communicators who can see and effectively resolve differences in understanding
  • Hold a computer science, engineering, or mathematics degree
  • 3 – 6 years of professional experience
  • Competent ability in Ping Pong an asset.


  • You are determined to succeed and committed to win. Loss and failure makes your skin crawl, so you emphatically implore the “do whatever it takes attitude”. The opportunity for success is unrivaled here, but you need to supply the drive. Results matter.
  • You are passionate. We produce software that makes information beautiful, accessible, and engaging. (Remember how you felt when you finally threw your feature phone out the window and un-wrapped your first iPhone!?!? The look, the feel, the power, Ahhh, so beautiful!)
  • You are accountable. This is a small company and we take responsibility for our own success or failure.
  • You are disciplined. We do things the right way, we do not cut corners, we do not rely on smoke and mirrors; we are the real deal. We plan, forecast and execute with precision. We may be small today, but sloppy we are not.
  • Integrity is fundamental; there is no deal so important that we will compromise our integrity. We have a truly unique and utterly mind-blowing technology, so the truth is our friend.
  • You are customer centric.  Customers come first. Each year customers vote with their wallets. We succeed when our customers succeed!

What To Expect

This isn’t just about us getting to know you. We believe that you need to get your hands dirty (so to speak) to make sure Visier is the right career opportunity for you. So feel free to ask lots of questions, read up on our company news, check out our thought leadership and peep our social media channels. As you get to know what we’re all about, we hope that you’ll become increasingly confident and excited that Visier could be your next big move.

Once your application is received and reviewed, qualified candidates will move on to our next steps.

  1. Chat with our Talent Acquisition team
  2. Come onsite for a meeting with the hiring manager and your potential team
  3. Meet with one of our executive leaders and learn how your career can grow with Visier

Sound Like A Match?

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