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Holiday Wishes from Visier

Have yourself a merry little holiday
May your business outcomes be bright
From now on your data will reveal insights

Have yourself a merry little holiday 
May your employees be fine 
From now on your C-Suite goals will all align

Here we are like pre-COVID days
Happy golden days before
Okay, maybe not normal yet
But we’ll get through this, we’re sure

Through the years
We’ll always be your partner
If the Fates allow
We’ll do what we can to help you out somehow

So have yourself a merry little holiday
Have yourself a merry little holiday
So have yourself a merry little holiday now

Season’s greetings from the team at Visier! While the world can be a confusing and turbulent place, charts and data always make us feel warm and cozy inside, so we made you this yule log video. While you can’t roast chestnuts over this data visualization, we hope this virtual fire helps make the end of 2021 feel a little more snug. Wishing you all the joys of the holidays and a happy and prosperous 2022.

To use: Get your hot chocolate and cozy socks, gather your loved ones around the yuletide data visualization, and press play to enjoy. 

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