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Sarah Gonzales

Sarah Gonzales is the Director of Content, Creative, & Design at Visier. Years as a journalist and media producer taught her how to tell all kinds of stories in all kinds of formats—from printed magazines to public radio to international broadcast news. Now, as a tech marketer, Sarah loves finding stories in the data and bringing statistics to life. Originally from Alaska, she now resides in beautiful Seattle, Washington.


A Brief Timeline of People at Work [Infographic]

Let's take a look back at how the people + work equation has evolved over the years. Read and download a brief history of people at work infographic poster from Visier.


Letter from the Editor: Welcome to the New Visier Blog — Outsmart

We are proud to introduce the new and improved, redesigned, and rebranded blog: Outsmart. If the name sounds familiar that’s…


The Many Layers of Providence’s Gary Russo, Workforce Intelligence Analyst and Ex-Superhero

In this profile, we talk to Providence's Gay Russo about his unique path to HR, supporting healthcare workers during COVID, and Captain America.


Panasonic’s Lydia Wu and Her “HR SWAT Team”

Panasonic's Lydia Wu is a strategic HR Super Leader. Learn how her team quickly pivoted during the pandemic and how they use people insights to plan ahead.

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