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Catherine Cheek

Catherine “Kater” Cheek is an award-winning author with a breadth of writing experience from corporate communications to storytelling. As Senior Copywriter at Visier, she aims to highlight the human stories behind the data and showcase details that make complicated concepts easy to understand.


Four Critical Insights from the 2021 People Analytics Maturity Survey

What’s changed in people analytics since 2018? How do emerging organizations differ from advanced ones? We surveyed Visier customers to find out.


What’s Really Causing the Great Resignation?

What does “the Great Resignation” mean and what are its causes? Read a round up of different media takes on this subject.


10 Workplace Trends to Act on in 2022

The Age of Employees is upon us. Discover the workplace trends that will provide both opportunities and challenges to business leaders in 2022.


The Surprising Reason People Quit Their Jobs That No One Talks About

There are many drivers of The Great Resignation, but new research shows a large number of employees are leaving their jobs in search of skills.


Why People Analytics is Key to Solving CEOs’ Most Critical Business Issues: New Report

Stacia Garr of RedThread Research reveals why C-suite leaders who embrace people analytics outpace competitors who haven’t unlocked this superpower.


Beyond HR: Democratizing People Data is Key to Business Success

Turning people data into actionable insights doesn’t have to be daunting. Learn how to take the first steps from spreadsheets to storytelling for better business outcomes.


6 Key Takeaways from HR Tech 2021 That Didn’t Stay in Vegas

The 2021 HR Tech Conference was packed with insights about people analytics and data, DEI, employee experience, and more. Here are our top takeaways.


Four Things We Learned About the Resignation Wave–and What to Do Next

Why did summer 2021 bring a resignation wave and which demographics were most affected? Knowing which groups resigned is the first step to an effective retention strategy.

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