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5 Must-Read Talent Acquisition Articles of 2016

Talent Acquisition has re-invented itself.

This was a recurring theme that we saw in 2016, and thanks to analytics, Talent Acquisition has graduated from a simple candidate filling function to a strategic arm that has a direct correlation to an organization’s bottom line.

This year, Talent Acquisition has experienced strategic growth and is now a critical part of the conversation that shapes an organization’s direction and vision.

As you get ready for 2017, here are some must-reads Talent Acquisition articles of 2016:

Thriving In A Data-Driven World

When CEOs were asked about the biggest challenge they faced, human capital was listed as number one. This article summarizes John’s Sullivan’s keynote address from the Recruiting Trends 2016 Conference, where he shared why organizations must pay special attention to recruiting data if the business is to succeed.

Recruiting Can Learn a Lot from Sales

In recent years, sales organizations have moved away from the traditional prospect to close structure, and gone towards a division of labor where employees focus on a specific part of the sales cycle. As a result, sales organizations have experienced great success.

At the Human Resource Executive Talent Acquisition Tech Conference, Jon Bichke, CEO of Entelo, shares how recruiting teams can experience similar success if they leverage this type of approach. Bichke also goes on to highlight similarities between the recruiting cycle and the sales funnel, where recruiting can adopt sales perspectives, and how both teams benefit from accurate and meaningful analytics.

Measure for Measure: The Evolution of Recruiting Metrics

As the pressure to identify talent intensifies, companies must take a closer look at every stage of the candidate’s journey. According to Mollie Lombardi, Founder and CEO of Aptitude Research Partners, the simple time-to-hire ratio is no longer enough data.

For organizations to truly understand and measure the effectiveness of strategic recruiting practices, we must bring together multiple systems and multiple data sources — including recruitment marketing solutions, the traditional ATS, and onboarding solutions to create a true strategic hiring platform.

12 Recruiting Tips from Talent Acquisition Leaders

Attracting and retaining top talent remains a significant recruiting challenge for many organizations. In this article, leading voices from SHRM’s Talent Management Conference & Exposition come together to outline 12 meaningful steps that can enhance your talent acquisition efforts.

Closing the Loop: Linking Workforce Planning, Analytics, and Hiring

Successful human capital management strategy is fundamentally integrated with business outcomes. It may seem like an obvious connection; however, research indicates that only 41% of organizations linked data from workforce planning back into their recruitment process and only 30% used it to inform their development priorities.

In this fantastic article by Mollie Lombardi, she explains that in order to keep up with skill shortages and avoid the high cost of role vacancies, organizations must shift their mindset and recognize the importance of linking workforce planning, business outcomes, and recruitment processes.

Bonus: The Demand for Data-Driven Talent Acquisition – 2016 Hiring Manager Survey Results

With countless recruiting-related technologies and assessment options on the market, business leaders might expect that measuring the long-term impact of talent acquisition is a practice that’s well-established and effective. A survey of hiring managers, however, suggests that the reality is just the opposite.

About the author: Karra Barron

Karra Barron is Visier's Sr. Content Marketing Manager and has over a decade of experience using storytelling to move people into action. At Visier, she is responsible for developing a wide range of thought leadership resources that educate and inspire business users to become data-driven leaders.

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