What #VisierLife is All About

"It’s no surprise that I absolutely love working at Visier. In fact, I think it’s the first job I’ve ever had where Mondays are just as good as Fridays and where I look forward to many of the meetings I attend."
"I love working at Visier because we all are passionate about the product and helping our customers succeed. It's a great feeling knowing that every company we talk to would greatly benefit from using our solution."
Tyler Sales
"I enjoy working on a winning team that is dedicated to delivering value to our customers while relentlessly looking for ways to innovate and to improve on our technology. It is a pleasure to work with people I respect and trust and who share the same goals."
Roland Technology & Development
"I work on important features that directly affect the company’s future. The team trusts my abilities and provides support for technical and career growth."
Morgan Technology & Development
"I get to work with many talented and knowledgeable people who make the job fun and enjoyable. Visier actively works to develop employees' abilities and skills, both through internal and external sources."
Burke Technology & Development

Teams and Roles


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What to Expect

This isn’t just about us getting to know you. We believe that you need to get your hands dirty (so to speak) to make sure Visier is the right career opportunity for you. So feel free to ask lots of questions, read up on our company news, check out our thought leadership and peep our social media channels. As you get to know what we’re all about, we hope that you’ll become increasingly confident and excited that Visier could be your next big move.

Once your application is received and reviewed, qualified candidates will move on to our next steps:

  1. Chat with our Talent Acquisition team
  2. Come onsite for a meeting with the hiring manager and your potential team
  3. Meet with one of our executive leaders and learn how your career can grow with Visier

“As a team, every day and in every way we aspire to greatness. As individuals, we respect, trust and support each other.”

John Schwarz, CEO

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