2014 Survey Report—The State of Workforce Analytics and Planning

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Read the results of our 2014 Survey Report: The State of Workforce Analytics and Planning where over 300 U.S.-based employers answered questions about their current workforce analytics and planning practices, investments, and future plans. Key findings include:

Workforce Analytics

  • Spreadsheets (48%) and HRIS reports (25%) are the most commonly used tools for workforce metrics and analytics – with low satisfaction rates. Only 5% are satisfied with spreadsheets, and just 15% with HRIS reports.
  • Users with dedicated workforce analytics solutions are the most satisfied.
  • While the majority rank themselves low today in workforce analytics maturity,
    91% plan to increase their maturity within the next 24 months.
  • Although most plan to increase their investment in workforce analytics, there is a disconnect between budget and aspirations: 85% of those who plan to maintain their investment, aspire to increase their analytics maturity anyway.
  • Data, process, and definitions are the most common technical barriers to workforce analytics.

2014 Survey Report

Workforce Planning

  • 39% do not regularly do workforce planning. For those that do, annual
    planning is most common.
  • 74% have a budget for workforce planning, which is most often owned by HR.
  • Data and lack of automation / repeatability of process are the most common technical barriers to planning.

2014 Survey Report 2

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